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Wii U? Is too.

Having touched briefly on some loose thoughts regarding the Wii U yesterday, I continue trying to spend unrestrained amounts of time developing a sense of intimacy with the system. I inject the concept of effort into this notion, as employment slaps me with the harsh hand of reality time and time again.

In any case, the situation could be worse.

Hype and over exposure with standing, the Wii U controller provides a refreshing sense of fused sensibilities . Perks of a traditional controller exist, while offering the optional benefits of motion control, and beyond. The fear on gamers faces, when you alert them that movement may be involved has stood as a sign of evil for many. I understand the uncertainty, at no point did any regular gamer think “when are they going to “fix” these god damn controllers?” Many contenders stick to their antiquities, while others still adopt this odd effort at physical immersion of virtual reality.

Some would argue, a messenger from the end times.

The Wii U avoids the pitfalls of both worlds, and takes a page out of the 3DS play book, combine both, sacrifice nothing. I’d call it a compromise, but the suggestion of needed value was lost in translation. Not so, as the Wii U game pad itself acts as a conduit of variety, offering a ton, without a feeling of over compensation. You’d think a controller with several face buttons, control sticks, a touch screen, camera, gyroscope, and microphone would be severely daunting and chaotic.

Not in the slightest…at least until the inevitable Wii U title: Charles Manson’s Hair Salon Adventures hits store shelves.

Then we’re all definitely fucked.

Spoiler Alert: The Last Boss of Charles Manson’s Hair Salon Adventures.

The system itself is in many ways, outdone by the controller. This is a fact systemic from Nintendo never being the leader in console hardware bravado…which is always outdone by the dynamic nature of PC progress. Due to this cause and effect reality, Nintendo usually sits less pretty at the bottom of the barrel. Bearing in mind this notion involves high end technical limitations in mind, and does nothing to contradict that some of the best looking games have come out towards the end of a console’s life cycle.

To name a few…

This is of course, all in line with the positive sign that the Wii U is already delivering confident end cycle  multi-platform mates to their previous gen brethren at launch. We’re already seeing a slew of people concurring that many of the third parties providing Wii U ports, are doing so with quality adaptations. Not just by functionality mind you, but with a pretty aesthetic. This is unique from the Wii, and it’s habitual port failings.  The noticeable drop in fidelity and limitations on any third party game, from launch till death, didn’t merit the usually irrelevant functionality the Wii-Mote provided.

Third Party Support has always been this problem child of Nintendo’s, but the Wii U launch has reignited some faith in me. Ubisoft especially seems to be doing a great job of following Nintendo’s lead with engaging implementation of the unique controller you just can’t get on other consoles. ZombiU is a great example of a non-Nintendo party offering worthwhile a-symmetrical game play options. Whether using the game pad or a secondary controller, everyone is having fun in their own way.

Controller innovations! All new ways to fuck with your pissed off friends.

As noted above, nothing says good time like giving your buddy the finger while summoning a legion of undead with the flick of your finger…
…while he rage quits out of life.

As long as Nintendo paves the road of design ethic with worthwhile material, the comparable tech and tactile control feedback options will follow through as viable. The lack of force feeding will not dissuade others from gorging.

A combination of variety without compromise, to reiterate.

The controller, solid. The system, dripping with functional potential. Third party support? Let’s hope it keeps up, and that these represent follow through’s and not flukes.
I’ve oozed over what has helped to make my Wii U launch memorable…

…and I haven’t even touched on the software yet.

Till tomorrow then.


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I scream, U scream…

We all scream…for entirely different reasons, apparently.

No matter the company or console, the entire gaming industry becomes roused in a furious stupor when a system launches. Tensions run high, stores sell out, the next “Dreamcast” is on the horizon.

Inevitably, someone does something stupid.

The production manager in charge of making sure there were enough Wii U’s for launch.

Some of the complaints about the system are misguided, while others seem to be sabotaging themselves out of some unknown ulterior motive.

…Then there’s this guy, who I’m guessing, I’ll fail to understate as “excited” with the arrival of the Wii U.

No matter your thoughts, the Wii U does indeed set the stage for the next gen. Seems as if Nintendo is relying on the historical data relevant, with each generation’s major leader launching the earliest. While premature, the launch will impress all manner of ideas and trends onto the other companies in the running, and will once again showcase Nintendo’s in/ability to outperform themselves.

Given, not a single company comes away from any early ideas unscathed.

With the introduction of the Wii U, we finally have a controller that’s almost half as big as an original Xbox controller.

The Wii U represents a lot of time and effort, for those who’ve worked on the concept, and for those who will enjoy it. Nothing excites me more than thinking about all of the dynamic ways the game pad will be utilized, and all the ways I’ve already been thrilled with the implementation.

Let me just do a little more “research” first, and then I’ll let you know.


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